Unique Floral Containers

Who says that vases are the only way to hold beautiful florals? There are many other containers that can provide a lovely home for your arrangements – you just need a bit of creativity! Take a look at these unique vessels that can add personality to your beloved floral designs.


Photo credit: Timmester Photography

We love the aluminum watering cans from Sarah and Sam’s wedding. The soft, pastel flowers looked dazzling amidst the weathered tin! For a cohesive design, carefully coordinate your floral choices with the containers you choose. We added silver, dusty miller to complement the containers in order to create these wonderful centerpieces!


Photo credit: Aaron Spicer Photography

This mix of peonies and roses look simply glamorous set atop this gold pedestal bowl. The sleek design and smaller size of the vessel allows this whimsical arrangement to shine on its own!


Photo credit: Ever After Visuals

Set your florals high with a luxe candelabra! The vibrant peonies and pink orchids next to the cream roses are absolutely stunning. And, of course, we can’t overlook the amaranth and greenery cascading below! Candelabra arrangements are visually appealing from every angle and sure to wow your guests!


Photo credit: Wedding Artist Collective Photography

Wooden baskets are the perfect container for colorful blooms! This rustic basket made from bark features a braided handle, lush greenery, berries and an assortment of pink, purple, and ivory flowers to complement the scabiosa pods. You can never go wrong with wildflowers!

The options are endless when it comes to pairing your lush blossoms with a unique container. Let us know what you’ll be using to keep your florals company on your special day!

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