The History Behind Your Favorite Wedding Traditions

We all know that there are certain traditions that are at almost all weddings, but do you know where these traditions originated? We are going to break down some of the favorite traditions and the origins might surprise you!


Photo Credit: Jacqui DePas Photography

White Wedding Dress

How about a red wedding dress? Well if it weren’t for Queen Victoria’s marriage to Prince Albert all brides might be donning a red gown. Queen Victoria wore the first white wedding dress in the mid-1800s, people were shocked at first but 20 years later it quickly became popular. Although we do see brides stray from the norm of white, it is still the clear winner.

Bridal Bouquet

The Ancient Greeks would use a bunch of different types of herbs, spices and garlic to ward off evil spirits. Brides’ would use different herbs to signify different things. For instance, sage was for wisdom. As times changed flowers became more popular in bouquets.

Bridesmaids and Matching Dresses

Being a bridesmaid is a serious commitment but years ago it was even more of an undertaking. Bridesmaids would help protect the bride as she made her way to the groom’s village for the ceremony. And the bridesmaids would dress exactly the same as the bride to confuse evil spirits who might try to get to the couple. That evolved later to the bridesmaids dressing differently from the bride, but still in matching dresses.

Saving the Top for the Wedding Cake

Most people think that saving the top of your wedding cake was just so that you had a little treat to celebrate your anniversary. But actually, couples would save the top of the cake so that the next year they could celebrate a baby. Back then getting married was tied to having children and within the first year of marriage, most couples were pregnant. So the top tier of the cake was saved so they didn’t have to buy a dessert to celebrate the announcement of their pregnancy or the birth of their child.

These traditions continue but they evolve as the years go by as couples start new traditions or forgo traditions altogether.

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