Structured vs. Wild Arrangements

With so many unique couples that come through our doors, we are always finding ways to make their wedding vision come true. Whether that is through creating wild and loose centerpieces or perfectly structured bouquet, we love seeing their faces light up when it all comes together!

Today, we wanted to share some of the ways that we have put together these different wild and structured arrangements for our couples, and show off how gorgeous the blooms are when highlighted both ways!


Isn’t this mix of yellow, pink and orange roses the sweetest spring bouquet? We were able to highlight each bloom individually and show off the lovely colors by having this circular structure in place.


Can you say whimsical?! This arrangement reminds us of being in a beautiful old garden sprawling with wildflowers and greenery everywhere. With a more wild and loose arrangement like this one, instead of highlighting each individual flower, we were able to create an effect and capture a mood. And, man, did we love how this arrangement made us feel!


What we love about this small bouquet is that it has characteristics of both a loose and wild arrangement, and a structured one. Each flower is able to be highlighted individually, but also gives off a more loose effect because of the deep greenery and separations between the flowers. We just love how fresh and earthy this arrangement is!

Both structured and wild arrangements are beautiful, and highlight flowers in different ways. Just remember to decide what kind of effect you want to have, and what tone you are looking to set at your wedding before deciding which arrangement will work best for you!

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