Shades of Green

We love bouquets with a bright pop of color, but it’s always nice to admire the arrangements that look equally beautiful with more shades of green. Greenery can certainly go a long way when it comes to creating gorgeous floral designs. Join us as we spotlight the many times that greenery completely stole the show.


This cascading bouquet is perfection! We just love this gorgeous mix of lilies and, of course, those subtle bits of greenery!


Foliage and baby’s breath round out these classic blooms wonderfully! We can’t help but to admire the fresh roses nestled in between!


Cream roses marry beautifully in this lush bouquet! The light greenery cascading below is such a gorgeous detail!


Photo: Rodney Bailey Photography

Check out the broad-leafed foliage in these lovely bouquets! Sprouts from all directions adding texture and whimsy!

How refreshing are these blooms?! Don’t be afraid to sport a bouquet that overflows with lush greenery on your Special Day!

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