Making a Case for Hiring a Professional Florist


Photo Credit: The Kama Photography

No one appreciates the DIY movement, in theory, as much as we do. We truly understand the satisfaction one can find in seeking inspiration, designing something beautiful, then crafting a final product with our bare hands. In a way, we get to DIY every day!

Most couples don’t quite see the big picture, however, when it comes to personal flowers and décor. Often DIY projects are more complex, expensive, and time-demanding than they ever expected, and this can be a particularly stressful and unpleasant discovery when planning your wedding.

Hidden Costs

Think about what you really need to create your own wedding florals. You don’t just need containers and fresh flowers – the right shears, rose strippers, adhesive, wire, foam, transport containers, ribbons and other materials are all necessary, not to mention pre-assembly storage in commercial coolers or a temperature-controlled environment. Additionally, a lot of personal vehicles aren’t large enough to deliver all of your flowers in a single trip, so you may need to rent a larger vehicle to deliver your projects. Further, it’s always necessary to purchase more flowers than you know you need in case something breaks, comes in smaller than expected, or doesn’t quite look right.

The truth is often DIY doesn’t save money, and even costs more than hiring a pro. Even if you do save dollars, you will still incur costs that you can’t itemize on a bill: your time and sanity.

Finding the Time

Time is a resource that most couples don’t have when planning their weddings. Ordering, prepping, and assembly during the days when you’re likely overwhelmed with all of the other details is a burden you should really try to avoid. You can’t be in two places at once, and since you’ll be involved with things like prep and photos, you’ll have to entrust assembly, set up and take down to others. How comfortable are you that your friends and loved ones can pull off your vision without your step-by-step guidance?

Peace of Mind

When you compare the price of your DIY projects with a similar product from a professional florist, you also have to figure in the value of your sanity. Knowing that a reputable professional has everything under control can dramatically increase your enjoyment of your own wedding day – what is that ultimately worth to you?

There are smaller projects that couples can reasonably undertake on their own to satisfy DIY cravings. Anything that can be completed well in advance, and that suits your particular talents is fair game. Protect your budget, your valuable time, and your invaluable sanity, and choose a trusted floral professional to handle your personal flowers and décor.

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