Friday Eye Candy: Flowers That Will Never Go Out of Style

There are some flowers that just mean “wedding” – flowers we have come to associate with happy beginnings, tears of joy and the kinds of celebrations that bring us together. These flowers are so associated with wedding tradition, they will never go out of style.

The sleek, fluted calla lily comes in several shades, including the deep burgundy in this bouquet, pink, yellow, orange and the most common color, white. It is waxy and sturdy, so it makes great long-lasting bouquets and boutonnieres. Its long stalks make it a favorite for dramatic, tall centerpieces. It’s no wonder that the calla lily remains a wedding staple.


Photo Credit: Sweet Root Village

Exotic, delicate and just plain beautiful, orchids are completely irresistible. They naturally cascade, like in this bouquet and come in a range of colors and varieties. Orchids are feminine and luxurious, and complement so many different wedding styles from tropical to glam. We absolutely love orchids!


Photo Credit: Sam Hurd Photography

Big, fluffy heads of hydrangea are the base of these centerpieces, and of many bouquets and arrangements found at weddings. Collections of delicate little petals, they are great for taking up space in huge décor pieces, but can also be divided to add tiny touches of texture to smaller pieces. They look as great on their own as they do bunched with many other blooms.


Photo Credit: Sam Hurd Photography

It should come as no surprise that roses made our list of wedding flowers that will never go out of style. They are synonymous with love, and have inspired poets and artists for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Here in peach and blush, they offer texture and just a hint of color to this beautiful bouquet. They can be bold, basic and everything in between. They are truly timeless, and will never go out of style.


Photo Credit: Genevieve Lieper Photography

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