Friday Eye Candy: Bloom Spotlight - Lisianthus

Some flowers were just made for weddings, and the soft-textured but reasonably hardy Lisianthus is definitely one of them. This pretty bloom adds delicate folds and character to bouquets, centerpieces, and even personal flowers like boutonnieres. It comes in pretty shades of white, pink, lavender, yellow, blue-violet, green, and even (though more rarely) red.

The dark blue-violet lisianthus bloom in this centerpiece pulls together all of the other shades making a stunning, yet simple and elegant presentation.


Photo Credit: RMN Photography

Lisianthus greens are almost as attractive as the blooms and often are used together to create a garden feel, as featured in this fresh-from-the-garden, striking bouquet.


Photo Credit: Ever After Visuals

The lisianthus blooms in this bouquet are still tight, almost reminiscent of a tulip in early bloom. They add a subtle green and purple accent to this polished, elegant bouquet.


Photo Credit: Amanda Beside Eric Photography

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