Friday Eye Candy: Bloom Spotlight - Delphinium

Today we turn the spotlight on a popular wedding flower: Delphinium. When most people think of the bloom, they think of it in shades of blue as it is one of only a few flowers that naturally occurs in blue, but Delphinium can also be found in white, pink, deep purple and lavender. It can be used to make arrangements taller and more dramatic, or to add a trailing length to bouquets. Can you spot the Delphinium in each of these photos?

The tall pink flowers reaching for the sky in this luxurious centerpiece are Delphiniums.


Photo Credit: Love Life Images

This bouquet is hand-tied, but takes on a cascade-feel, thanks in part to blue Delphinium.


Photo Credit: Love Struck Images

This favorite is a very elegant collection of roses, peonies, stock and tall white delphinium.


Photo Credit: Aaron Spicer Photography

This bright, multi-colored arrangement gets its height from pretty purple delphinium.


Photo Credit: Rodney Bailey Photography

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