Friday Eye Candy: Bloom Spotlight - Daisy

Today we are shining a light on the Daisy! This bloom has been a wedding favorite for years with its wide color variety and happy look. From the Gerbera to the Purple Coneflower, it's easy to see why it has stuck around for so long. Take a look at some of our favorite Daisy arrangements!


Photo Credit: Michelle Lindsay Photography

What a beautiful juxtaposition these orange and red daisies make with the white tablecloth and vase! Once lit up by candlelight, the romantic feel they create in the room is breathtaking!


Photo Credit: Freed Photography

We love cakes and flowers! Seeing those beautiful edible creations mixed with gorgeous blooms is always a highlight. These dark red and pink roses mixed with the vibrant orange of the daisies really lets them shine. Your eye goes right to them!


Photo Credit: Freed Photography

Not much greenery or accents are needed with these bridal and bridesmaids' bouquets. Using large flowers like roses and daisies lets each one stand out individually for everyone to enjoy.

Daisies will forever be a favorite for couples. We love coming up with new and fun ways to incorporate them into different arrangements!

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