Friday Eye Candy: Bloom Spotlight - Baby's Breath

Baby’s Breath has to be the most notoriously underestimated bloom ever, especially when it comes to weddings. For years – no, for just about ever – people thought of it as “just filler.” They failed to see the beauty in its delicate, lacy blossoms. It’s no wonder that folks are floored when they see it elevated from the background to the spotlight! We appreciate Baby’s Breath in all its forms: playing a supporting role among other blooms or on its own as the star attraction.

In this mostly-white bouquet, Baby’s Breath is clustered and offers both texture and a hint of green to help set the bouquet off against the beautiful gown.


Photo Credit: Brian Tropiano Photography

In a more classic approach, these centerpieces feature homey touches of Baby’s Breath for a very sophisticated, fresh-from-the-garden, yet rustic look.


Photo Credit: Mike Goldfein Photography

Halos of Baby’s Breath adorn the adorable flower girls’ hair and complement the bride’s bouquet.


Photo Credit: Megan Kelsey Photography

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