Friday Eye Candy - Dressing Up Your Ceremony Aisle

We love to dress up a ceremony aisle! There are so many options, so we are showing a few of our favorites that include flowers, candles and hanging vases perfect for a indoor or outdoor affair.


Photo Credit: Freed Photography

With this ceremony, we added vases in different sizes and shapes and filled them with candles. Each were placed at the front of the row of chairs complete with sprinkles of flower petals along the edges. If you go for this look we suggest tying a ribbon across the aisle so your guests enter the seats from the outside not to disturb the setup.


Photo Credit: Deb Lindsey Photography

Tall cylinder vases are perfect for submerging a flower stem and adding a floating candle.


Photo Credit: Genevieve Leiper Photography

Small bouquet arrangements are perfect for attaching to the outside of the chairs to add a little bit of color and visual interest.


Photo Credit: Sam Hurd Photography

Add a little height and drama along your aisle with these tall columns topped with springs of orchids in simple clear glass containers. Add a bigger floral arrangement to the column at the front of the aisle and at the back to break everything up.

So whether you are looking for something sweet and simple or you want to make a statement, dressing up your ceremony aisle is a must!

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