Floral Style Trends for 2016

We looked at color trends for your 2016 blooms a while back, but now we’re talking shapes and styles that are up-and-coming for this year! Read on to see some of our favorite selections – let us know what trends you’re loving!

Cascading Waterfalls

From subtle to dramatic, cascade bouquets are certainly in. Teardrop bouquets (which you’ll see below, filled with red roses, calla lilies, and berries) are perfect for brides who want a dynamic touch to their florals while allowing other details to shine – perhaps a dazzling white dress. On the other hand, bold brides might opt for a deeper cascade, as Claudia’s waterfall of phaleonopsis orchids displays – this style of bouquet will definitely be grabbing eyes from all around!


Photo Credit: Sam Hurd Photography (right)

While a traditional cascade look (below left) is definitely captivating, consider going outside of the box with your blooms like Kelly’s modern take did (below right). For her bouquet, colorful orchids were individually hand-wired and designed to hang down in a wonderfully unique way.


Photo credit: Stephen Gosling Photography (left)


Similar to their cascading cousins, crescent bouquets take the waterfall effect to the next level with blooms flowing to both sides of the bouquet – much like a crescent moon. This is a modern take on a traditional bouquet and we just love the style – perfect for any bride seeking something different!

Au Natural

When flowers carry such natural beauty, who can argue the loveliness of a hand-tied bouquet? We’re crazy for a good just-picked-look bouquet – it really adds a casual, earthy feel to the wedding and we love that couples are opting for a fresh garden styling for their arrangements.


Photo credits: Ever After Visuals (left); Studio Juno (right)

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