Color of the Month: Gorgeous Green!

Flowers come in all kinds of different gorgeous colors, and we wanted to take some time to highlight some of our favorite ways couples are incorporating different colors into their weddings. This month we're putting the spotlight on green. It has become a very on trend color in 2016 with couples gravitating more towards eco-friendly and natural decor. Here's a peek at what we've been seeing as of late!


Photo Credit: Genevieve Leiper Photography

These arrangements are full of loose greenery that creates a playful and "just-picked" look couples are loving these days. We are especially swooning over how the green complements the other blooms in each arrangement. It's able to stand out on its own while still highlighting and showcasing the beauty of the other flowers.


Photo Credits: Gosling Photography

We love how these couples chose to go with a more natural look. From the gold metal vase that help to feature the white flowers and foliage, to this lovely white cascade that is accented with the deeper green leaves creating a beautiful and delicate bouquet.

With its versatility and ranging shades, green is a color that can be used year round! We're thrilled at how many couples are embracing it for their big day! Stay tuned to see what other colors we're excited to share!

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