Bouquet Preservation Techniques

Once the wedding is over, there are certain details that couples want to keep from their special day. For many brides, one of those details is their bouquet. Luckily, there are many preservation techniques that brides can use to keep those gorgeous blooms forever!


Photo credit: Kama Photography

Drying Flowers

One of the most well known and traditional ways to preserve flowers is by simply drying them. This is a good method for both an entire bouquet or just a few flowers. Break the bouquet up into a few smaller bunches and secure the stems with a rubber band. Hang them upside down in a well ventilated room with no access to sunlight. A closet or pantry are great locations for this.

Pressing Flowers

Pressing flowers is a great and easy method for those that want to display it in a frame. Select a few petals from the blooms in the bouquet, put them inside a heavy book and wait about a week to find lovely vintage colored petals that will look beautiful displayed in a frame.

Freeze Dry

This method is a bit more high-tech and should be done by a professional. They put the bouquet inside a cold and vacuum-sealed machine that dehydrates the flowers, and when the bouquet comes out it is put inside a sealed shadow box for display. This is certainly a more involved process, but the flowers will look like they did on your wedding day for years to come!

Any of these preservation techniques will look beautiful whether you want a big framed display or just a few cherished petals in a book.

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