Blooms by the Season

While the ability to look for wedding flowers worldwide has made the majority of flowers available year-round, certain flowers in certain colors will always be strongly associated with particular seasons. These sentimental favorites remind of us weddings past, and are ever popular as couples plan their weddings of the future.



Photo Credit: Timmester Photography

Delicate pink and white sweetheart roses are perfect for welcoming spring. Palettes tend to be soft and pastel as the cold weather gives way to new life and warmer weather. This pink and white bouquet is perfect inspiration for spring.



Photo Credit: Amber Wilkie Photography

Yellow and orange spider mums take their cue from the sunny days of summer. Beachy with texture, spider mums are a unique and fun addition to summer bouquets and arrangements.



Photo Credit: Sweet Root Village

Fall has one of the most recognizable and distinct color palettes, drawn from fallen leaves and annual harvests. Burgundy dahlias add a deep, dramatic hue especially when paired with burgundy callas to fall palette bouquets.



The soft texture and gray tone of lamb’s ear gives an almost icy feel to centerpieces, bouquets and arrangements, making it a perfect accent in winter. Here it is paired with bright red roses and carnations, creating a distinctly wintery feel.

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